Sunday, August 13, 2017

Take your child fishing

Kids at any age LOVE to go fishing!  Especially if they catch fish.  And, it doesn't matter how big or how many...they just love to catch fish.  Lost Acres is a great family fishing resort and many of the kids who come here are our best fishermen.  This is a great article about taking your kids fishing.  Just follow this link:

Monday, January 23, 2017

Busy Winter at Lost Acres Resort

Another busy winter at the resort.  No big projects going on but lots of little repairs.  We've been busy getting rid of lots of things in the garages and Lodge that have accumulated over the past 15 years.  Feels good to clean house so to speak. 

The weather has been really fickle.  It was very frigid in late December and early January.  And for the last week it has been in the 30s.  The fishing has been great though despite the weather changes. 

While we have been really busy this winter, we still have some openings.  Come on up and do some ice fishing. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mild Winter at Lost Acres

It's been the mildest winter we've ever experienced here at Lost Acres!  Not much snow and definitely not the cold winter weather we are accustomed to.   Spring seems to be in the air and we are experiencing 50 degree temps all week.  Will probably be the last of the ice for ice fishing. 

The mild winter temps brought more people to the resort this winter.  We have been busy!  But it's great to see some of our friends during the long winter months here. 

There are some new things at the resort again this always.  We finally got around to building a wood shed for our firewood.  Now it will stay dry until we deliver it to your campfires.  And we will have another new pontoon this year.  The old ones just got tired and retired.

We will have some new seasonal campers this year so will be fun for everyone to get to know them.  And the carpenters are working on remodeling one of our seasonal campers.  It will look awesome when it is done. 

We are so excited, as always, for our season to open and see everyone again!!!  Soon...very soon! 
So think summer nights, starry skies, and fun around the campfire! 

Happy St Patricks Day next week from the Irish Mahaffeys of the Northwoods! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Most Beautiful Fall EVER!

We are experiencing the most beautiful Fall here at Lost Acres!  The colors are just starting to reach peak and the weather has been amazing.  Temps are in the 60s during the day and 30-40s at night.  Except for today, we have had beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and crystal waters!  The fall fishing is just starting to turn on now and we continue to see large amounts of crappies and walleyes coming into the Gut Hut. 

We still have openings for fall fishing but hunting opener is full.  We hope to see everyone again during the winter for a weekend getaway.  But, while the weather holds come up for one last attempt to catch the big ones for fall fishing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

July 4th festivities!

With July 4th just around the corner we want to let everyone know of our festivities.  We LOVE July 4th at Lost Acres.  We will be celebrating on July 3rd this year as the 4th is a Saturday and for those of us at the resort that is turnover day!!!

We will have kids activities all week long including paddle boat races, crafts in the Lodge, a nature scavenger hunt, and our famous Medallion Hunt.  This year we will be having a Happy Hour from 5-6 in the Lodge.  We will also be hosting an ice cream social with free ice cream sundaes and a Pizza on the Patio night.  We have a beautiful new patio on the Lodge and we would like to invite people to come and enjoy it so we have pizza and 4 drinks for $20.  On July 3rd there will be a golf cart/4-wheeler/or whatever wheeled vehicle one wants parade at 10:30  At 10am before the parade the kids, big and little, are invited to the Lodge to get July 4th tattoos.   At 6pm we will have our potluck picnic with the meat meal provided by the resort.  And, after we eat the adults will have a bean bag competition while the kids play a variety of games.  Dusk brings our lake renowned Lost Acres fireworks. 

Come one and all to join in our fun!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Summer Day in June

This is one of those Northern Minnesota days you don't want to miss!  The sky is a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds that look like big mounds of cotton balls.  As the sun reflects off the lake it causes sparkles like a million diamonds shimmering on the surface.  The trees have completely gained their leaves and they are so green against the blue sky.  Its a little windy which keeps the heat of the afternoon sun tolerable and the newly hatched mosquitos and black flies at bay.  This is not a day to spend indoors!  It is one of those gifts in life not to miss. 

The Lost Acres crew are busy raising the docks today.  At the beginning of the season, after ice out, the lake was really low. The docks were placed at lake at low lake level.   In fact it was so low that the entire boat ramp was exposed and the water level was 2 ft below the boat ramp.  Like the weather in Minnesota...wait just a bit and things will change!  The water level is back to normal after a few rains and the docks are almost underwater.   So up they go.  Raising them is not easy but its not as hard as putting them in. 

Our first two Seasonal boat lifts went in today as well.  That was quite a process to watch.  The boat lift company comes with a large barge with a big forklift like device which takes the lift off the trailer then drives it in the water to the dock where it is placed.  Quite entertaining. 

Fun, busy glorious summer day in June!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Life in the Northwoods

It seems that there are 6 types of people in this world.  There are ocean people, desert people, mountain people, flatlanders, forest people and lake people. Here in the Northwoods of Minnesota we mostly meet Forest and Lake people. 

 Forest people are those who love to walk in the woods.  They love to commune with nature in it's green, lush, damp, and sometimes isolated state.  Thriving on the occasional spotting of a creature of the forest, they love to hear the birds and look through a dark canopy at the sky.  Forest people are tree huggers.  Changing of the seasons brings great joy to Forest People.  Encouraged by the newness of spring, exhilarated by the heat of summer, warmed by the crunch of leaves and colors of fall, and at peace in the silence of a snowfall, Forest people walk.

Lake people on the other hand love to look at and be on the water. Lake people commune with nature by observing when the sun hits the lake forming a million tiny diamonds, and sitting in awe at the reflection of the full moon on the water.  Listening to the call of the loon is music to the Lake lovers ears.  The hum of the boat motors, the lull of riding a pontoon slowly across the lake on a beautiful summer evening, the ripples caused on the glass smooth water by a fish being playful, the vision of the sun setting just below the horizon of the lake, and the sound of water lapping at a dock, keep peace in the heart of the lake lover.  Lake people sit on the dock and ride in their boats.

Lake life or forest life are each a gift but when combined magic happens.  How fortunate we are in Northern Minnesota to be blessed with both.