Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mild Winter at Lost Acres

It's been the mildest winter we've ever experienced here at Lost Acres!  Not much snow and definitely not the cold winter weather we are accustomed to.   Spring seems to be in the air and we are experiencing 50 degree temps all week.  Will probably be the last of the ice for ice fishing. 

The mild winter temps brought more people to the resort this winter.  We have been busy!  But it's great to see some of our friends during the long winter months here. 

There are some new things at the resort again this always.  We finally got around to building a wood shed for our firewood.  Now it will stay dry until we deliver it to your campfires.  And we will have another new pontoon this year.  The old ones just got tired and retired.

We will have some new seasonal campers this year so will be fun for everyone to get to know them.  And the carpenters are working on remodeling one of our seasonal campers.  It will look awesome when it is done. 

We are so excited, as always, for our season to open and see everyone again!!!  Soon...very soon! 
So think summer nights, starry skies, and fun around the campfire! 

Happy St Patricks Day next week from the Irish Mahaffeys of the Northwoods!