Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Life in the Northwoods

It seems that there are 6 types of people in this world.  There are ocean people, desert people, mountain people, flatlanders, forest people and lake people. Here in the Northwoods of Minnesota we mostly meet Forest and Lake people. 

 Forest people are those who love to walk in the woods.  They love to commune with nature in it's green, lush, damp, and sometimes isolated state.  Thriving on the occasional spotting of a creature of the forest, they love to hear the birds and look through a dark canopy at the sky.  Forest people are tree huggers.  Changing of the seasons brings great joy to Forest People.  Encouraged by the newness of spring, exhilarated by the heat of summer, warmed by the crunch of leaves and colors of fall, and at peace in the silence of a snowfall, Forest people walk.

Lake people on the other hand love to look at and be on the water. Lake people commune with nature by observing when the sun hits the lake forming a million tiny diamonds, and sitting in awe at the reflection of the full moon on the water.  Listening to the call of the loon is music to the Lake lovers ears.  The hum of the boat motors, the lull of riding a pontoon slowly across the lake on a beautiful summer evening, the ripples caused on the glass smooth water by a fish being playful, the vision of the sun setting just below the horizon of the lake, and the sound of water lapping at a dock, keep peace in the heart of the lake lover.  Lake people sit on the dock and ride in their boats.

Lake life or forest life are each a gift but when combined magic happens.  How fortunate we are in Northern Minnesota to be blessed with both.