Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Summer Day in June

This is one of those Northern Minnesota days you don't want to miss!  The sky is a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds that look like big mounds of cotton balls.  As the sun reflects off the lake it causes sparkles like a million diamonds shimmering on the surface.  The trees have completely gained their leaves and they are so green against the blue sky.  Its a little windy which keeps the heat of the afternoon sun tolerable and the newly hatched mosquitos and black flies at bay.  This is not a day to spend indoors!  It is one of those gifts in life not to miss. 

The Lost Acres crew are busy raising the docks today.  At the beginning of the season, after ice out, the lake was really low. The docks were placed at lake at low lake level.   In fact it was so low that the entire boat ramp was exposed and the water level was 2 ft below the boat ramp.  Like the weather in Minnesota...wait just a bit and things will change!  The water level is back to normal after a few rains and the docks are almost underwater.   So up they go.  Raising them is not easy but its not as hard as putting them in. 

Our first two Seasonal boat lifts went in today as well.  That was quite a process to watch.  The boat lift company comes with a large barge with a big forklift like device which takes the lift off the trailer then drives it in the water to the dock where it is placed.  Quite entertaining. 

Fun, busy glorious summer day in June!